Breightmet Food Hub and Men in Sheds 26th April

Another great day again at the Breightmet Community Food growing Hub, The Men in Sheds session was attended by five local men, the lads repaired an old trolley that I use to pull gardening resources round the estate as part of the Get Growing Breightmet project, they also cleaned and sanded the rear of the shipping container and helped me prepare and sow seeds into raised beds which are part of the Hubs own growing project.

Synergy and resilience

For us this is such exciting work to be taking part in because there are mutual and beneficial relations between the three projects mentioned above, each supports the other in some way and helps to keep the cost down whilst also generating new shared skills between the percipients.

Men in Sheds

I mentioned briefly in last weeks post that there was already a sense of camaraderie and banter kicking in at the project, well this week there was more of it, lots of humour and conversations taking place across a range of subjects covering gardening, Politics, carpentry, painting and TV programs. Despite the relatively short length of these sessions the lads got through a fair bit of work, and it just goes to show that if people are allowed to converse freely, and even stop for a minute whilst they engage with their fellow worker that good quality work is an outcome and people are left with a sense of achievement and belonging.

Growing at the Hub

Our growing work on site today has seen five raised beds tended, tilled and filled with a diverse array of seeds. I also continued sowing different varieties of seeds at the bottom end of the site, and threw a few seedbombs in for good measure.

As also mentioned previously one of our main aims on the site this year it to double our even treble our growing capacity on the site, last year was our first year and we werent able to access the site until may, this year we had time on out side and have managed to sow the same amount of seeds in the last month as we did for the whole of last years Hub growing season.


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