Get growing Breightmet 26th April

A chilly start to the morning today but the sun was out a little so we made our way up to Breightmet with a van load of gardening resources for our growers. So the first job of the morning was unloading the gardening resources round the back of the UCAN centre.

After unloading we had  quick catch up with Storyteller Len grant before making our way round the estate to drop off various bits and pieces of gardening equipment.

Everything was going smoothly when suddenly the skies opened up temporarily, first it hailed, followed by a little sunshine, then it snowed a little, then back to hale stones. Despite this seasonally chaotic weather we soldiered on delivering raised beds and greenhouses around the estate.

Its been great for us seeing a fair few of our growers getting stuck into their food growing and really making the effort. For the rest of the afternoon we continued visiting growers and putting things into place.

Towards the end of the day I bumped into one of the Congolese women who worked with last year, and between our mutual lack of understanding of each others language we managed to communicate enough to establish that the women is up for growing again this year, which is great as many of the Congolese community who have settled in Breightmet are from Agrarian communities which means they have a sound knowledge of food growing and general gardening. We did as much as we were able to today, and also picked up two new growers whilst dropping off supplies.


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