Breightmet Food Hub 20th April: Men in sheds and gardening

What a glorious day weather wise, we couldn’t have asked for greater work conditions, its been warm and dry with the odd cool breeze blowing through the site which has been welcoming when the sun hit its high shortly after midday.

Men in Sheds

The Men in Sheds session was well attended with four lads turning up today, Landrover Dave continued his work with the lads sanding and undercoating the doors of the steel shipping container, which will eventually become the Shed where Men will make things during the summer and beyond. One thing I have noticed with the Men in Sheds is that despite the fact that it is still early days one or two of the lads who usually quite quiet and withdrawn were engaging in lively banter and skill sharing, this is great to see at such an early stage in the development of the project. The sign that you can see in the picture above right was made by Landrover Dave for the site, a big thank you to Dave for putting time and resources into making this sign, respect mate!

Hub Gardening

Whilst the lads worked away under Daves expert guidance I sowed seeds, dug over a large raised bed and planted potatoes and Oca tubers. and continued  dotting wildflower seeds and seed bombs around the site to attract pollinators during the summer, and of course to make the place have some semblance of beauty about it. The last job of the day for me was climbing up on top of the shipping container to give everything a good watering, many of the trays of now sprouted seedlings, so all is good.


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