Get Growing Breightmet 19th April: The buzz begins!

A great days work in sunniest Breightmet today, but alas sadly, my Camcorder has finally given up the ghost after four years of heavy use and service, so I apologise in advance for the lack of pictures of todays proceedings, I am presently scouring the used Camcorder section on ebay as I type.

Today I had the pleasure of working with Bolton Urban Growers crew member Wynn ‘Firestarter’ Hutch. From nine until eleven o’clock we loaded our large trolley with gardening resources, and like Milkmen on a daily round we ambled round the estate dropping off resources and having lively banter and conversation with our growers on the way. A eleven oclock Wynn and Alan Chadwick cleared the Yarden at the UCAN centre, and prepared strawberry pots, whilst I disappeared upstairs for a catch up meeting about how the growing project was going, as usual the meeting was fruitful and helpful in terms of the ongoing development of the project over time. and was attended by talented and committed folk whom I have a lot of respect for.

It was something of a surprise whilst trying to keep my Birthday quiet that staff at centre found out through social media that today was indeed my birthday, it was so nice when staff came into the Yarden where myself and Wayne were eating our dinner, they presented me with a lovely chocolate chip muffin with a birthday candle in it, thanks folks, a lovely gesture!

In the afternoon it was down to some hard graft in the sun, today was the day that the raised beds went in, a momentous time for us in the project as we can start to get some crops and plants in the beds. We pushed our ex-retailers trolly up and down the Hills of breightmet dropping off and filling raised beds on the way. Myself and Wynn will be back next week to finish off dropping off the raised beds and filling them full of soil.

Before I go and sit down with a beer and fag, one thing I will say about today is that there is such a buzz on the estate about the food growing that we will almost certainly exceed the twenty five families that we are going to work with, bring it on big time!





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