Breightmet food Hub 13th April: Men in Sheds and growing

I am beginning to think that the weather forecasts given by the Met office are really not worth their salt, today’s weather was supposed to be teaming it down with rain, of course this wasn’t the case, the morning started with really thick fog and after it cleared up it was sunny all day.

As the weather has been so nice we continued working on the shipping container, which in time will house the Men in Sheds sessions. Alan and Dave rubbed the container down with sandpaper and a steel brush.

After which they began to carefully apply a coat of strong primer to the container. Whilst Dave and Alan worked on the container I set up another conveyor belt system and got stuck into some large scale seed sowing so that we enough plants and seedlings to grow a large amount of food, which as previously mentioned in other blog posts will be part of a veg box for the local estate. our feeling about this is that everybody should have access to cleanly grown local organic food regardless of their economic status.

After lunch Alan, Dave, and myself added the finishing touches to the front of the shipping container, and managed to completely paint all of the front of it.After Alan and Dave left, I continued seed sowing and dug and planted a large raised bed with seed potatoes. then it was up to the New lane UCAN centre to box off a bit of site related paperwork that needed doing, not a bad days work really, particularly considering that is was supposed to be lashing it down.


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