Breightmet food Hub and Men in Sheds 6th April

What a bloody morning! For the first couple of hours after arriving at the Breightmet Hub we were rained on, hailed on, and blasted with cold winds that were more reminiscent of January. It was that bad that we did think for a second about throwing the towel in and calling it day, but we don’t give up, and decided to plod on as best we could. Dave and Alan painstakingly cleaned the shipping container and removed all of the grease and grime that has built up over the years. and now the container is ready for the specialist undercoat to go on. What has made the cleaning of the container particularly difficult has been the lack of water on site, we remedied this by toing and froing between the Hub and the New Lane UCAN centre with trailer loads of water in various containers.

My work aside from trying to keep dry and warm has been clearing a few beds of weeds and covering them with polythene to keep the estates many cats from dropping their load into our soil. I also continued getting on top of the seed sowing which I have had to concentrate on a lot recently so that we have a lot of plants for both the Hub site and the door to door growing project on the estate. Before the leaving the site, I scattered and sowed half a dozen packets of wild flowers that we received from the Grow Wild initiative  I then had a tidy round inside the container ready for our work on the site next week. We were snowed on and hailed on a little in the afternoon but after the swirling vortex of weather in the morning it made the afternoons outburst easily bearable.


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