Breightmet Hub 30th March: Men in Sheds and seed sowing

The first job of the morning before touching on anything on the hub site was to drop off a trailer load of gardening resources at the UCAN centre for our Get growing Breightmet project so that they closer to the gardens that they will be going into next week.

So, a somewhat slow and sluggish start to our work this morning due to the ever changing weather, one minutes it raining, then cold and windy, and then in the later afternoon the sun came out and all was good.

Men in Sheds

Today Landrover was running the Men in Sheds session, local lad Alan Chadwich turned up to help out, and ended up working with Dave shortening the raised beds that will form the edible roof on top of the shipping container Hub building. Alan has decided that he now wants to attend the regular men in Sheds as he explained that Dave’s laid back way of working had taught him some news skills.

The sowing of many seeds

Whilst the Men made their shed I set up a conveyor belt of trays, and tables made of old plastic dustbins and pallets, and knuckled down into some serious seed sowing, exhausting our supply of seed trays, plug trays and pots in the process. All of the seed trays were then loaded onto the container roof where they are protected from frost and will germinate quicker than ground level sowing.

Though it is still very early days with the Men in Sheds project, news travels fast on the estate and it will only be a matter of time before the sessions are well attended by local men. Despite a slow and cold start, all of the raised beds are now fully resized and ready for the roof, we have also been given a large piece of visqueen for the container roof, which has saved us around forty pounds.


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