Breightmet Food Hub: 23rd March

Today has been a real creative and mixed bag kind of work day at the Breightmet Community food growing Hub. Landrover Dave set about cleaning the front of the shipping container getting it ready for its undercoat next week using his special cleansing liquid, the container itself will be used to deliver Men in Sheds Sessions and will also double up as an outdoor classroom that will serve the purpose of providing advice and guidance for local residents wishing to grow some of their own food in their gardens.

Whilst Dave cleaned the front of the shipping container I continued with my most important job for this time in the gardening season, that of seed sowing. We also moved four of the large raised beds onto the roof of the container, at present we using the beds to house our seed trays so that they are protected from the wind, but over the next few weeks the beds will be resized and will become another growing area for us, which will enable us grow lots of vine tomatoes and other crops that might be susceptible to grounds frosts and cold.

Men in Sheds

Today was the first advertised day of the Breightmet Men in Sheds project, two men turned up and made inquiries, one a Man from Westhoughton and one who lives locally on the estate. As is usually the case with Men in Sheds projects, they begin quietly for a week or so, and before you know it they are packed out with men sharing skills and banter.


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