Get growing Breightmet 2016: Week 2

My day began at the New Lane UCAN centre this morning where I unloaded lots of gardening resources from the van, and onto an old DIY store trolley, and into the back Yarden of the UCAN centre. Once unloaded and stuff was sorted into piles I began potting up the hundreds of strawberry plants I recently purchased into large pots, where they will remain until they are delivered to growers houses over the next couple of weeks. After the Strawberries it was time for a quick brew and catch up with award winning blogger and storyteller Len Grant, followed by the potting on of hundreds of onions sets into cell seed trays. In the early afternoon I began work on our first Grower front garden. As the kids are currently off School they helped me with the gardening and planted on strawberries, potatoes, and mint, as well as filling around a dozen large pots with compost making them seed ready.

A New Grower!

It was whilst I worked at Catherine’s that I got chatting to an elderly Polish men who lives just across the street, we spoke about gardening for a few minutes, then I asked him if he was interested in joining the project and growing some of his own food in his garden, he smiled and said ‘I would love to, count me in’ After spending some quality time with Catherine and the kids and recruiting a new growers it was back to the UCAN centre Yarden to load the trolley up with bags of compost for Damien another of our growers who lives a little further up the Hill to Catherine, After I’d finished loading the compost from the trolley into his back garden he gave me a small box of eggs from his Quails, which was really nice of him.


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