Breightmet Community Food Hub 2016: Week 1

Today has been our second attempt at starting work on the community food growing Hub in Breightmet, I tried to make a start last month but the ground was rock solid with little in the way of give, even my shovel bounced off the hardened icy surfaces of the raised beds. But thankfully today the sun was out, the soil was soft and we finally got to make a start.

After an in depth meeting at the New Lane UCAN centre about this years work, I walked the short distance to the Hub site where I met up with Bolton Urban Growers crew member Wynn Hutch who had travelled over to Breightmet from Horwich by Bus.

Our work on the site today has been mixed, due to the large amount of cats that live close by, we have had to ‘Cat Poo proof’ the raised beds by covering them with the spent leaves of our winter crops. We also sowed hundreds of seeds into cell trays, spent mushroom cartons and anything else that was capable of holding a couple of inches of soil. Towards the end of the session I cropped all of the Oca that had been growing in an old green recycling box. then sowed carrot seeds in both boxes. So all in all not a bad days work after a bitty and fiddly start to this years Hub project, we got some seeds in, wrote some ideas down on tiny note pads and planned out much of what we intend to do during spring, onwards and upwards!


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2 Responses to Breightmet Community Food Hub 2016: Week 1

  1. I’ve never heard of Oca but I’m going to give it a go. I’ve also got some rat tailed radish seeds having discovered them on your blog.

    • boltonurbangrowers12 says:

      just planted some oca, good luck with them, easy to grow and a decent crop

      regards Steve

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