Get growing Breightmet 2016: Day 1

And here we are in the spring of 2016, still chilly and unsettled but not so bad that we cant start the third year of our Get growing Breightmet project. For this my first visit to the UCAN centre of the year I have bought a load of gardening resources with me to make a good start and get ahead of the game.

This year I am working with award winning blogger and Storyteller Len Grant Len is working along side us and developing a word and sketch based story of this years project, so it seemed only fitting that the first job of the morning after unloading the trailer was to introduce Len to Damien one of our growers, whilst there I took a quick snap of his garden in its ‘before’ state. After introducing Len to Damien I left them chatting, sketching and recording and made my way back to the UCAN centre where much of today’s work took place.

Sowing and growing

There is much to do in the way of gardening, even at such an early stage in the project, onion sets were laid out in compost to start the rooting process off, in April the onions will then be transferred to our growers raised beds in their gardens where they will remain until they are cropped and eaten.

The next task of the morning was laying out dozens of seed potatoes in trays, the trays were then put inside the shed that is situated in the back Yarden of the UCAN centre where, like the onions they will stay until they are ready to transfer to grow bags.

After I’d finished this traying up work it was time to put that micro greenhouse back together which we used on last years project. Once the greenhouse was upright and sturdy, seed trays containing a variety of vegetable seeds were loaded onto the shelves and watered. In the late afternoon myself and Ian moved a large raised bed and pots into the front garden of one of growers who lives in the corner of Padbury way. The residents of this house attended our seed bomb and growers recruitment event a fortnight ago, and are keen to get stuck into growing some of their own food this year.


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