Men in Sheds @ Breightmet community growing Hub

There are men in sheds projects popping up all over place in the UK, half a decade ago there were just a handful of these Sheds, now there are over two hundred with more and more opening as the weeks go by, these places are proving to be a life line and providor of well being and somewhere to socialise for men who for whatever reason are socially isolated.

What are men in sheds projects?

Mens in sheds projects have expanded from their beginnings in Australia as means of addressing our inability to discuss our feelings and general well being and also our lack of ability in social interaction situations. In Australia men were turning up at A&E departments with depression related illnesses and it was identified that many men were not very good as networking socially. The Sheds provided a space in which men could socialise and interact whilst engaging in woodworking, and crafts involving hand tools. 

Men in Sheds in Breightmet

Breightmet in Bolton is a large ill designed sprawling council estate on a Hill that is fairly isolated from the rest of Bolton, both economically and in terms of some services. Having worked with some of the people on the estate a few people have mentioned a sense of isolation living on the estate, so this is currently in the process of being addressed by Bolton at Home neighbourhood Manager Tony Cottam who has already successfully started a Men in Sheds project at the HQ of Lancashire Wildlife on Bury Road in Bolton which is situated on the outer edge of Breightmet, this project is overwhelmingly over subscribed which proves that there is a definite need for these more of these projects.

Men in Sheds @ Breightmet community Food Hub

The new project couldn’t be in a better location, it is right in the heart of the Housing estate where it will provide sessions for local men living on the estate. Breightmet men in sheds project will be based at the community food growing Hub which is just off New Lane. The sessions themselves will be delivered by Bolton Urban Growers very own highly skilled craftsman and all round nice guy Landrover Dave, and will begin on the 16th March.






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