Permaculture plants: A Multi beneficial community enterprise

For the last month or so we have been busy sowing a variety of seedsand taking dozens of cuttings from fruit bushes, some of these grown resources for our up and coming community food growing projects at different locations around Bolton, and some are for our new micro enterprise ‘Permaculture Plants’

A Multi functional enterprise

the idea behind this micro enterprise is to grow and sell plants via market stalls and online, whilst at the same time using the enterprise as a means of supporting our growing projects, and providing work experience and incomes within permitted earnings for young people who are struggling to get into paid employment.

We had an initial meeting with Vanessa Hamnett a UCAN centre manager for Bolton at Home who support and collaborate with much of our work, Vanessa came up with a great idea that Bolton at Home could possibly provide training for any young people who get involved in our enterprise.

We are hoping to begin this enterprise during May of this year when we will hold a Market stall at Bolton Market. There is also a strong likelihood that we could end up selling gardening related items that local men in sheds projects have made as part of their weekly sessions.

Promoting our enterprise

As always, we will utilise social media to promote and advertise our enterprise, and will hopefully arrange a live interview with local community radio station Bolton, and local newspaper Bolton News. and of course not forgetting that pre digital age method of communication Word of Mouth.

What has any of this got to do with Permaculture?

Most of the plants we will be selling will be useful edible perennial plants, many will also have medicinal and other qualities to provide Multi-functionality of usage. We will be selling seasonal vegetable plug plants for people who are starting out in gardening and home food cultivations, but the main emphasis will on providing resources that have a strong element of resilience to them. Aside from the specific plants, a strong permaculture element to this enterprise are all of the beneficial links that it is able to create, please see diagram above that goes some way towards showing these beneficial links.


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