We shouldn’t have to do this!

So here we are in 2016 in a modern capitalist democracy, where over a million people and counting have accessed foodbanks, these foodbanks have been a lifeline and something that have no doubt staved off the inevitable malnutrition and illness that would be prevalent on a much greater level if they didn’t exist. But  foodbanks have become the norm, donation bins in supermarkets are lined up alongside charitable fund raising boards collecting clothes for kids in Africa and repairs to Church roofs etc, and of course the supermarkets are milking the social responsibility cow to the point of its udders drying up. Similarly junk food Cafe’s are popping up everywhere where thrown away food is salvaged from supermarkets and veg market stalls that is then cooked and served to people on a ‘pay as you can’ basis.

The response from the Government has been to slash benefits and impose sanctions on the most vulnerable people in society which of course as anyone with two connecting brain cells would know will only add to the numbers of people who are not able to feed their selves.

The smell of horse shit

So lets have a quick recap, what is all of this austerity about that is causing the Governments purse to snap so tightly in the face of abject poverty? The story goes that the last Government bankrupted the country and left us with a huge deficit, this is simply not true, before the coalition Government took over from Labour the country managed to retain its credit rating, which it lost once the coalition begin imposing their ruinous economic policies on the country. Austerity doesn’t need to happen, it is purely ideological, nothing more.

Two thieves and a Liar

The fact the matter is that the Tories are, to put it plain and simply a bunch of disingenuous and cruel bastards with no regard for human life unless that life either owns a company or corporation. This Tory Government have borrowed more money in four short years than any Government in the History of UK Politics, whilst the money they are taking off poor people through cuts to provision is basically being given away to companies and large corporations as incentives and tax breaks.greed

There are still some good people about

So lets fast forward to right now, to the 18th of February 2016 there are more hungry people, and more folk are slipping into the situation where they unable to feed their selves. For the last fortnight we have been sowing hundreds and hundreds of vegetable and herb seeds and will continue to do so for the coming months. Don’t get me wrong, I love gardening, and love helping people in different communities around Bolton to grow their own food, but things are getting that bad for many their is a sense of greater responsibility and commitment that comes with our work, and as I have mentioned in previous posts that the development of a food economy where food is grown and used in the community is a long lasting solution that will help generate good quality employment in the town, and will give working class families access to cleanly grown nutritious food. But all of that aside, there is something intrinsically wrong with a wealthy country when small community groups, residents from council estates, housing charities and a host of other groups and individuals have to pull together to help people with such basic human essentials as food.



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