Willow Hey project: grow and cook workshops

After a year of hard work making the Willow Hey site usable after almost a decade of neglect, we are now open and delivering workshops and sessions. Today’s session was split into two, Women from the local Cawdor Estate sowed seeds. followed by a cooking demonstration by Bolton Urban Growers team member Jean Urmston.

When Jean isn’t working, gardening, and repairing and  up-cycling furniture, she is our resident cook and community gardener who cooked for over fifty people in Breightmet last year on their Community food Growing Hub.

Connecting growing and cooking

The grow and cook sessions are really about two things, firstly, how to grow vegetables organically, and secondly how to make tasty nutritious dishes with what you have grown.

On today’s menu Jean made a big pan of vegetable paella which everybody seemed to enjoy, put it this way, the pan was that clean at the end of the session that it wont need to soak when we wash the pots tonight. The Women who attended the sessions sowed various different seeds, which they will end up growing on in the gardens later in the season.

We worked with the Women from Cawdor estate last year and it was great to see such a keen level of enthusiasm, and the fact that they have come to the site today in freezing zero temperatures shows us that this keenness is still very much alive.

Resistance is Fertile!

during the course of the the two sessions that Jean delivered today we had around eight adults and five children attend, these numbers will no doubt double when the gardening season gets into full swing and the Women of Cawdor estate once again start to grow their own food to feed their families in this time of great economic inequality.




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