Willow Hey Project update: a big thank you!

Despite the cold winds and driving rain, work has carried on unabated at Willow Hey community food growing project in Farnworth. This week there has been some great collaborative work involving apprentices, three from local housing Provider Bolton at Home, and two from Forest. As part of their apprenticeship work they have made eight large raised beds for our Polytunnel and have resized the window frames12473909_1725145251053356_3929700755391567508_o and worked on the roof of our Hub building.12604952_1725144177720130_2710510316380726845_o They also did some great work in diverting water away from the Polytunnels towards the raised beds where it will be used, via a drainage system that the apprentices made from materials they found on site. 12604667_1725144361053445_7692759300637829994_o

It is also interesting to note that the two young apprentices were also involved in the Erazmus project earlier in the year where the helped to install a new floor in the Nursery school in Budapest as part of a wider European housing initiative that addresses multiple social issues.

This work has put our project ahead and we hope to be able to utilize the Hub building within the next few weeks, greatly enhancing our capacity to deliver permaculture,  community growing, budget cookery and micro income generation courses and workshops on a regular basis.

I would like to say a massive thank on behalf of the Bolton Urban Growers team to Sapwaan, Farhan and Gareth the Bolton at Home apprentices, and to Daniel and Miles the Forest apprentices for the amazing work you did on our project, Big respect!






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