A day at Longsight House and Beechcroft Community Allotments

Our day started out with a quick catch up about food growing projects at the New Lane UCAN centre in Breightmet. After a quick brew and chat we drove over to Longsight House to begin our days work. Residents were already waiting for us in the lounge area, such a great level of keenness and enthusiasm is always a good thing and it also makes our work much more pleasurable and connected.

After a quick brief about the tasks ahead, we went out into the grounds of Longsight house and prepared around twenty square holes along the length of the outer fencing, ready for residents to plant a collection of native trees that they were awarded from the Woodland Trust.

Myself, Community development Carl Monk and two of the residents got through quite a high volume of work for this two hour session. After the session ended myself and Carl returned to the UCAN centre to grab a quick drink of water and Sandwich before making our way over to Beechcroft Community Allotment site in Darcy Lever.

An afternoon at the Beechcroft site

As I have touched on previously we have been clearing neglected raised beds of weeds, grass and self seeded plants that have occupied the beds throughout much of the growing season. The idea here is that rather than having the beds lying idol over the winter period, that we use these spaces to cultivate overwintering crops such as Garlic, onions and Broad beans. So our work on site this afternoon has really been a continuation of this work. Despite some very entrenched root systems in the beds, we managed to clear three large beds ready for late crops to go into them before the festive break. So all in all, not a bad days work really.




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