Get growing Breightmet: Food and Fall

Today I have been visiting our growers on the streets and Avenues of Breightmet’s estate to see where they are up to as autumn begins to take hold, not surprisingly, due to our changing climate some growers still have produce growing in their gardens, for example Mic Still has Kohl Rabi, climbing beans, tomatoes, nasturtium and squash in his garden.



Other growers have cropped all of their produce and put their gardens to bed over the winter months by applying garden net to keep Breightmets many cats out until the new growing season of 2016. In the afternoon I attended a meeting about the Red Lane Community allotment site, this meeting went well, capacity on the site is being stepped up with the edition of another eight large raised beds, we also discussed some lunchtime permaculture learning sessions that i hope to be delivering in February of next year.. After the meeting I gave away winter hardy edible plants to some of our growers who are still tending to their beds and gardening right until the end of the season.

Sharing abundance

One of our growers Damien gave us a bag of runner beans today from his crop, and has promised more next week, similarly Alan Chadwick another of our growers has given us loads of Kale, all of this food will be given away tomorrow to people on the estate who are subject to benefit sanctions and other imposed economic hardships.

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