Breightmet food Hub: putting the garden to bed.

It was bloody cold this morning I thought as I sat tugging on my roll up and drinking my morning brew, but seeing the bright sun lighting up the autumn leaves made me smile and look forward to today’s work.

First port of call was New Lane UCAN centre where I filled up my water bottles for brews on my rocket stove stove, and bits and bobs of gardening stuff from the shed. As there had been a slight frost in the early hours of Today many of the plants on the Hub site were looking a little worse for ware, then again it is almost the middle of October and such things can only be expected. So on the side of caution I decided to crop some of the produce and get it up to the UCAN centre, I filled a carrier bag full of tomatoes, carrots, beets, cucumber and runner bean, not a bad haul at all for the time of year. After dropping off the veg we decided to uproot all of the annuals in the UCAN yarden and give the space a good old autumn clean, ready for the vertical instillations that will be integrated into the yarden over the winter. We planted on some giant red mustard, chard, and flat leafed parsley in the yarden spaces.

The Yarden before we started working on it.

The Yarden before we started working on it.

The Yarden after our tidy up and planting session.

The Yarden after our tidy up and planting session.

Once our work in the Yarden was completed it back down to the Hub to plant on our winter hardy crops, and on today menu, two types of Kale, two types of Chard, flat leafed Parsley, and of course giant red mustard. Planting the hardy overwintering veg serves a few purposes, firstly it means that we have some crops coming in over the cold dark months, and secondly the plants will hopefully deter cats and foxes who seem keen to dig up the beds. We managed to plant on over thirty different plants, so here’s to a green and nutritious winter.






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