Breightmet Food Hub: Addressing poverty through local food production

Much of our work today has centred around clearing rubbish, rubble and hardcore from the front of the sites steel shipping container. The idea behind this is that we are going to build a sturdy outdoor canopy against the container so that we are able to work outside whatever the weather.

The work was fairly slow and cumbersome to begin with due to sapling roots holding much of the stuff together in solid clumps, but we persevered and continued chipping away and shovelling until we managed to get the bulk of it out of the way.

Later in the day I cropped some fresh vegetables and took them up to the UCAN centre where they will be distributed to local residents who have been subjected to benefit sanctions. In the last six weeks we have taken around a dozen carrier bags crammed full of fresh nutritious locally grown food up to the UCAN centre for distribution, we expect that next year we will be able to double our capacity on this front.

Over winter activities 

Over the winter our job is to have the site 100% ready for the new year where it will serve as a multifunctional resource that both helps people fight poverty via food growing, and also provide people with skills and training so that they are able to enter find employment, or go onto further education.


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