Willow Hey project: rain plays a merry dance

Isn’t it bloody annoying when one minute its raining, then its stops, then it starts again? Well today has been one of those very days, it was like there was someone in the sky with an on off rain button who pressed the on button every time we left the shelter to continue work. But moaning aside we got a fair bit done in the end, the compost loo is now dug out and the wheely bin that will house our poo and wee is buried half way ready to receive its seat next week.

Ian digging the hole for the composting loo.

Ian digging the hole for the composting loo.

We also sorted out a drainage problem that has been gathering momentum in front of our new Poly tunnel, we simply buried a pipe with strategically sawn holes running the length of it, covered it in gravel, and bingo the water disappears. The rest of today’s jobs were made up watering our overwintering edible seedling, the tomatoes and peppers, and of course making mint tea, not a bad days graft all in all.



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