Breightmet Community Food Hub 22nd Sept

As is always the case this time of the year, the jobs are very bitty, and today was no exception. The morning began with pulling smaller and newer sprouted weeds from some of the raised beds in preparation for the overwintering garlic and onion sets. These small weeds and unwanted newer shoots were cleared from the beds in around half an hour. For the rest of the morning and into the afternoon I planted around a hundred plus onion sets and around the same in Garlic, including the strong and aromatic Chesnok Wight and Marco varieties or Garlic, after all why should gastro pubs and other posh eateries have all of the best fare, the good people on the Breightmet estate deserve the same, and the same they will get!. Ian filled the two remaining triangular raised beds that he and Landrover Dave made with soil, and I planted on more garlic and onions sets as he finished each one. Later in the afternoon we sorted out some resources that we are going to use for the vertical micro permaculture garden to the rear of the UCAN centre. The main task here was clearing and tidying the Yarden shed to use both as a workspace, and somewhere to store the plastic bottles and containers that we will be using for our vertical growing systems. Before leaving Breightmet I watered the winter edible plants that will be going into our growers raised beds tommorrow, weather permitting.





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