Willow Hey project: Palestinian hospitality

An interesting days work on Willow Hey project today. One of the things that our site really needs is a composting toilet, so some of our work today has centred around clearing one of our small site storage buildings in readyness for converting it into our site loo, in the pictures below you will see how things have progressed with this small and curious little structure.

We also hooked up with Khalil a refugee from Palestine, Khalil and some of his friends grow some of their own food on our site, and he promised us last week that he would make us some of his legendary Arabic mint tea, this was particularly interesting for me having visited a number of Muslim countries over the years and shared Arabic hospitality and the custom of preparing mint tea for guests and friends. Khalil prepared the tea on our hand made fire grate (courtesy of Landrover Dave) After the tea was carefully prepared the five of us on site sat down and Khalil handed each one of us a cup of his mint tea, we all loved it, the freshness of the mint and the sweetness of the sugar made it a very refreshing drink, and as is the case with variation in many Arabic dishes and beverages it tasted completely different to the mint teas i had tried in a number of Arabic countries. After Khalil and his support workers left the site we continued digging in the pan support posts for our double burner rocket stove which we will be using as an extra means of cooking over the autumn and winter months.


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