Breightmet Community Food Hub: ramping up capacity and production

When I arrived at the UCAN centre in Breightmet this morning the first thing I did was check to the winter edibles that were growing on the shed roof in the Yarden, the seedlings hadn’t put much growth on and were not really ready to go into our growers raised beds, so I decided that I would work on the Hub again today, I was also armed with the formidable skills of Landlrover Dave, and the speedy work pace of Ian, so it made sense to work on the Hub where we were able to get much more work done than simply planting on tiny seedlings which inevitably would have ended up as lunch for the many young slugs that live in the gardens of our growers.

After making the decision to change todays work I walked left the UCAN and walked back down to the Hub and fired up the rocket stove to made a brew for us all before starting out on our days work. The Rocket stove is a welcome edition that means I dont have to walk up and down New Lane juggling with with brews that I made at the UCAN centre.

We spent the day making more raised beds, we now have the eight large beds needed to expand the Red Lane site, and a few quirky triangular beds which we filled with soil and set them in the place on the Hub site. Whilst nipping up and down New lane between the Hub and the UCAN centre, I cropped a load of veg and dropped it at the centre where it will be distributed to those suffering hardship and financial difficulties.










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