Willow Hey project: Stepping up the game

As I did my short walk from home to the Willow Hey site just before eight this morning, I had the excitement levels that a kid has when they are about to receive their first bike, today was the day our Poly Tunnel was being delivered and set up. This means that we can now grow some produce all year round, we have enough room to start thousands of seedlings, and a space that could be utilized as a workshop when needed.

That’s mint!

Whilst the lads from first tunnel cracked on with putting the Poly Tunnel, I began our Mint workshops, this week I made around half a dozen jars of traditional mint sauce, which are free of charge to people who attend the project. next week we have a guy coming over from local refugee project who is going to make Arabic Mint tea. As I have mentioned before food is universal, and without doubt one of the best ways that we can connect people from different cultures, and so we eagily await our Arabic mint tea and some warm conversation at next weeks session.

A tunnel that fights food poverty

After the mint workshop my attention and interest was immediately focused back onto the poly-tunnel, in my absence the lads had really made some headway putting this somewhat large structure up, a job which can last up to three day.pics 003 By the end of the afternoon the tunnel was fully up ready for use. If I won an Audi sports car in some random raffle, this Poly tunnel would still give me a greater buzz, but that aside we have a much greater capacity to feed people and move towards generating local food economies, Onwards and Upwards!





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