Breightmet Community food Hub: Making, cooking and cropping

Today has been an interesting and fulfilling day. myself and Landrover Dave arrived at the site at around half eight and began putting together raised beds from the timber given to us by Bolton at homes tech services who maintain and repair their housing stock. Shortly before ten oclock I walked up to the UCAN centre and had a meeting with Neighbourhood Manager Tony and project worker Charlotte about some vertical growing installations that we are going to build in the back Yard of the centre over the winter months. At half eleven we than travellered up to the Elderdale community centre to cook some traditional Lancashire food for some Congolese women and children in return for the lovely food they prepared for us a few weeks ago.

The cooking itself was a success the women and children enjoyed the ‘Tayta Ash’ dish and some are planning to cook the dish in future with their own edition of tomatoes, which is very much a done thing with traditional food, people always add their own personal touch to dishes, regardless of culture.20150909_141609 After the cooking we drove back down to the Hub and cut and prepared more timber ready to be turned into raised beds next week. Before leaving for home I cropped some vegetables from the site and took them up to the UCAN centre where they will be distributed to local residents who are currently struggling financially to make ends meet. We will continue bringing crops up to the UCAN from the Hub site until the dark of winter, and who knows there might well still be some hardy produce such as Kale and Chard coming in.




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