Breightmet Community Food growing Hub 2nd Sept

First job of the morning today was carrying out some cropping on the site, despite our relatively late start on the Hub site this year there is certainly no shortage of crops. After taking the vegetables up to the UCAN centre where they will stay until tomorrow when they are given away to families who are struggling, I grabbed a quick cup of tea and headed back down to the Hub to begin the bulk of today’s work, which consists of sowing literally hundreds and hundreds of seeds into trays for both our growers in the ‘Get growing Breightmet’ project and also for the beds on the Hub site as overwintering crops. In the afternoon Bolton Urban Growers team members Wynn Hutch and Landrover Dave turned up for a few hours. Since last weeks blog a pile of very usable timber has been dropped at the site by Bolton at Home’s Tech services team, this time the load is used fencing that would have otherwise ended up on landfill, luckily for us the fencing still had its steel anchor plates attached which will use for building a covered work area on our steel shipping container, saving around £150-200 in the process. After helping Wynn and Dave process the wood and separate the anchor plates from the fencing, I continued to sow seeds and deposit the seed trays in the empty spaces in our raised beds.



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