Breightmet Community food Growing Hub 26th August

A great days work today by the Urban Growers team! Due to the expansion of the Red Lane community allotment site just round the corner from the Hub we have been asked to make some large raised beds to add to the existing ones that are dotted across the site. For the construction of the raised beds we are using the odds and ends of timber from Bolton at Homes tech services who carry out maintenance on their properties, on a project like this its a huge bonus working with a housing charity where building resources are concerned, we have already made over a hundred and twenty raised beds from timber we reused from the Cawdor Estate that is managed by Bolton at Home. This interaction is a simple one with many positive outputs: firstly we get to make lots of planters and raised beds which will help provide food for people on low incomes for years to come whilst also keeping usable resources out of landfill, this also has the added bonus of keeping down the price of delivering and maintaining community food growing projects and sites.

Here is a couple of images of todays work snapped on Landowner Daves phone, as you can see the raised beds are huge. A big thank you to Dave and Ian for their sterling efforts today, home made wine and ales on the way to you very soon.20150826_120544


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