Breightmet food Hub: 18th of August

After a much needed week away in Wales today marked my return to the Breightmet Community Food Hub. Surprisingly there was no damage to the site other than the fact that someone had gone to great lengths to dump a large 80s style suite on the site, it probably took so long getting it over the fence that it would have been quicker taking it to the local tip, ah well, sometimes there is no accounting for peoples illogical laziness.

In my absence from the site things had grown really well and I took some of the harvested produce up to the UCAN centre to be distributed to the people who use the centre to access services on a daily basis.

UCAN project worker Charlotte with some of today's produce

UCAN project worker Charlotte with some of today’s produce

Ian cutting down unwanted growth with a hand Scythe.

cabbages and Welsh onions coming along nicely.

Up to now the crops that we have taken from the Hub site and left at the centre have been snapped up by local residents who would have simply not been able to afford to buy locally grown fresh organic produce. Local lad Ian helped out on the site today and managed to clear the area behind our steel shipping container of nettles, docks, and other plants that had taken root in this particular area. A big thank you to Ian who gave his time to the project free of charge, a real genuine and kind hearted fella. For the remainder of the morning me and Ian barrowed water from the UCAN centre in a large plastic water bag and watered all of the raised beds on the site thoroughly. In the afternoon we set about reclaiming more space that had been taken over by the plants, and threw down more Lion poo to deter the local cats and foxes.








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