Willow Hey project update 6th of August

As I sat quietly smoking a fag and sipping on a brew in the fire circle this morning at Willow Hey I had no idea of the full on and joyous days work ahead. People just kept arriving at the site, including some of Chris Woods mates who bought their mini digger to prepare the ground for our large polytunnel and do some work in our fruit orchard, the lads gave their time free of charge which we are very grateful for their community spiritedness.

So all of the work today includes sowing around twenty large containers of carrots, Ian one of volunteers from Breightmet planted out dozens of leeks, cabbage, chard and beets, whilst Wynn Hutch and Hannah cropped our final potatoes. Landrover Dave meanwhile moved about between different aspects of woodworking and gardening.

We were also really surprised when a pallet of around two tons of bagged compost arrived, a big thank you to Chris Wood and viridor for donating the compost to us as part of their revive initiative! Today has been a great day, lots of work done, lots of smiles, the kids had a good time and the sun was out




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