Breightmet seed savers: Harvesting resilience

Alan Chadwick one of the Red Lane community allotment growers in Breightmet is a keen gardener growing flowers and fruit and vegetables, last year one of his Kale plants went into its seed producing stage and flowered, Alan decided that he liked the flowers and kept them going. I mentioned to Alan that he could save the seeds from the plants that he allowed to flower at one of our Saturday allotment clinic sessions, and Alan has been saving seeds since, including those in the pictures below.

In an area like Breightmet which is effectively a food desert, with no fresh fruit and vegables for sale on the Estate. The very act of saving seeds from edible plants to grow in the following season is both common sense and fosters the embryo towards an emerging food resilience culture, particularly in these precarious economic times, if we have food and the means to produce food then we have health and well being regardless of what is happening in the economic world, and that is an extremely useful and powerful situation to be in. 11247889_10203467946817731_4204725314738328412_o11834908_10203467948737779_5923303302768899715_o11823054_10203467945577700_7072396584367950009_o

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