Breightmet food Hub: Global gardeners cooking up a storm

The First job of the morning was strengthening the raised beds at the Hub site ready to go into our new growers gardens. Two of the lads who work with the Estate Rangers Mic and Ian helped us to carry the raised beds round to the growers houses. Before putting the beds in their places we scythed the overgrown gardens down to ground level. The new growers in question are some Congolese families who have recently moved onto the estate after escaping their own war ravaged country. As we left their respective houses it was all smiles and thanks from the Women, such lovely gentle folk and such gratitude towards us for putting the beds in place.  Once the beds were in place I nipped up to the UCAN centre and bottled the mint sauce I made yesterday to give out to residents, and once again three jars went within minutes of putting them out. In the afternoon we were invited up to a local community centre to eat with Congolese families who were holding a cooking session there, when we arrived we were greeted by some of the women who we had helped with their gardens earlier in the day, the centre was alive with the sounds of children playing and the women laughed and joked as they cooked food for everybody in the centres kitchen. All in all a lovely day working with some lovely people. before leaving the community centre I spent around half an hour giving the kids Whizzers (spinning them round in the air) which they really loved, at one point I had a queue of around seven children all waiting their turn for me to spin them round in the air, they all called me Pappa, this was a deeply touching moment for me where I had to hold back the tears as we can only imagine what has happened to some of their Dads in the conflict that they have escaped from. Before I go would just like to say a big thank you to Sarah Butler who organised and invited us to this cooking event, also big thanks to Gaynor Cox for mailing me a map of how to get to the centre.







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