Willow Hey project: Abundance for the community

What a productive day at Willow Hey project today has been, we started the morning by cropping a huge amount of new potatoes, despite the soil in our Hugel beds not being very deep we still managed to grow as many if not more potatoes than if we had grown them in deep soil, my permaculture instinct is telling me that the air pockets created by the timber and logs in the Hugel bed has created an ideal growing space for our spuds.

We managed to clear four medium sized Hugel beds of potatoes and ended up with around forty to fifty kilos of fresh healthy potatoes.

local resident Tracey selecting some potatoes and beans to take home.

Whilst we we were cropping the spuds Landrover dave was putting together the plastic arches that will go over the potato beds ready for the next crop to go in, meanwhile Chris Wood and two of his friends built the wildlife pond to the rear of the site which exists to help all flora and fauna on the site.

The wildlife pond iis now ready for a good downpour of rain, Great work from Chris and Paul.

The wildlife pond iis now ready for a good downpour of rain, Great work from Chris and Paul.

Tracey one of the women from the Cawdor Estate group we are working with used her knitting skills to both finish off the knit bombing of a large conifer stump that her group have been working on which combines elements of art, gardening and nature, and also knitted together the holes in the protective covers for our potato beds. In the afternoon we planted  on cabbages, beetroot and Leeks. Before we left the site we stacked up the containers potatoes and broad beans for local residents from the Cawdor estate to take home free of charge, so all in all a great days work and skill sharing and a big thank you to everyone for making it such an enjoyable and productive day!






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