The Global Gardeners of Breightmet and the women of Cawdor Estate

There is more power in unity than division.

Emanuel Cleaver

Our first port of call just after eight this morning was our regular weekly visit to a large highstreet garden centre to raid their shelves for cut priced plants, ordinarily we wouldnt usually buy resources from such places, but since they have massively reduced the price of many of their fruit and vegetable plants we decided it was worth a visit and we have been emptying their shelves for the last three weeks. After picking up these reduced price plants we made our way up to Breightmet to work with Congolese families who have recently moved into the area. We fitted a raised bed in the back garden of one of the families, once the bed was in place and full of soil our new growers soon got to work with filling the bed full of edible plants. After we had finished we then visited the homes of other Congolese women who were keen to grow some of their own food in their gardens. after a short walk round the estate to check out the gardens of our prospective growers we said our goodbyes and headed over to the Cawdor estate to drop off gardening resources at the various houses of our growers.

A new growing space that Terri has created in her back garden.

A new growing space that Terri has created in her back garden.

There are two great similarities between the Congolese Women and the Women of the Cawdor estate, firstly it is all Women have taken up the offer of growing some of their own food at home, and secondly both groups are extremely enthusiastic about their growing and have jumped straight into it without any doubt whatsoever, which from our end of things a really inspiring thing to see, onwards andupwards and happy gardening!


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