Get growing Breightmet 15th July

For the first few hours of this morning I made some raised beds that will be going to the homes of some Congolese refugees who have recently moved into the area and are really keen to get into growing some of their food. Neighbourhood Manager Tony Cottam who worked with the families as part of their first growing session in the area a week ago said of the families that they had a high level of enthusiasm for growing at home, and some interesting knowledge about edible plants and their preparation. To me this is one of the great things about gardening with global communities, there is always something new to learn and ideas to share, this is where gardening comes into its own as a community development tool, food is universal to all cultures and can help to bring people together. After making the raised beds the rest of the day was made up with me potting on plants into large pots, visiting growers houses to give advice and resources where needed. 

Free Food on its way for struggling residents 

At the Hub site some of the crops are finally starting to come in, and we also have beans growing up the fence of the Hub for local residents to take free of charge once ready for cropping. This food will be given away at Breightmet UCAN and other venues in the area, this serves two purposes its get healthy locally grown organic produce into the bellies of those who are struggling financially and it also serves as a propaganda tool to inspire people to grow some of their own food.


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