Breightmet community food Hub 7th July

When I left home this morning the weather read like it was only going to be spitting on and off with rain, once again the Met office had been about as accurate as a New Age sooth Sayer with their weather predictions, it rained hard for at least three hours on and off which had something of an effect on my work. For the first hour or so I worked on the Hub site, filling the three remaining raised beds with soil and plants,  when the rain started I walked up to the UCAN centre and sat in the shed potting on tomatoes and the remainder of the maincrop Strawberries, ready for my day working with the growers in the morning. Whilst at the UCAN centre I also filmed Alan one of our growers, and project worker Charlotte in order to get views and opinions from both sides of the fence Alan as a Breightmet resident who grows some of his own food, and Charlotte as a service provider.

Beans for Free

When the rain finally decided to stop I walked the short distance from the UCAN centre down to the Hub site and continued my work there, next up was the planting of the free beans, the idea here is planting runner beans along the length of the fence so that once established the beans will climb up the fence, we are hoping that local residents who use the cut through where we have planted the beans will help their selves once the plants start producing beans, with many on the estate either subjected to benefit sanctions of low pay we hope that the beans will at least provide some nutrition and well being from those who pick them.

Propaganda beans planted for local people to pick for free.

Propaganda beans planted for local people to pick for free.

After planing the beans I began taking the taps off and cleaning up and old sturdy Belfast sink that we removed from a skip a few weeks ago, the idea here is to dig a hole and form a micro pond in order to support localized flora and fauna communities such as frogs, toads and various pollinating insects.  After tinkering about with the sink I planted peas, walking stick kale and perennial onions in the final bed, the hunt is on for more free wood to make the next phase of raised beds with, up to now everything that we have needed on different projects has turned up when we’ve needed it, so during the next fornight I am hoping to stumble across a pile of used timber to make more raised beds with.

After picture of the site when the sun finally decided to shine later in the day.

After picture of the site when the sun finally decided to shine later in the day.









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