Willow Hey project and Cawdor Estate 2nd July

After a week of scorching weather we arrived at the Willow Hey site a little weary and drained. First job of the morning was feeding the chickens and topping up their drinking water, then we watered all of the growing area and added another layer of bricks to the outdoor rocket stove, we also finalized our plan to have a steel and cob pizza oven on one side of the stove, which means that I can now put some time into it next week.


After our work on the site, we then drove over to a large well known gardening retailer on the other side of Bolton to raid their reduced price plants section, in the last month alone we have probably saved well over a hundred pounds buying plants in this manner. And once again today was a good day, we left the store with large bags of compost and dozens of Chilli, Tomato, and cucumber plants reduced to half of their original price. After leaving the store we drove over to the Cawder Estate and distributed the plants and compost amongst our growers on the estate. The growing project on this estate is rapidly growing, we now have another two growers who have joined others on the estate in growing their own food.

Cawdor Women going for it!

There are now seven women on the estate who are keen to grow fresh fruit and vegetables for their families, with more on the way as news passes of the food growing project spreads across the estate. This area has suffered its fair share of problems over the years but now there is a real buzz in the air and a sense of community is returning, the women on the estate have jumped into the gardening head first, its great to see such levels of enthusiasm and interest, I have no doubt that these women and their families will be eating some of their own home grown produce this year.



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