Hungers Games

‘We can begin by doing small things at the local level, like planting community gardens or looking out for our neighbors. That is how change takes place in living systems, not from above but from within, from many local actions occurring simultaneously’ Grace Lee Boggs


The shit hit the fan big time when the credit crunch of 2008 exploded and unleashed its toxic aftermath, it could have been dealt with fairly, like making the banks pay for their own mistakes and regulating this sector to ensure that things like this didn’t happen again, but predictably we were left with the tab as central banks everywhere roared with laughter and got the champers and cocaine out in celebration whilst walking away with huge bonuses for destroying economies and peoples livelihoods.

A return to barbarism

The Neoliberal agenda was now up and running, the sluice gates of avarice were opened fully. One nation Tories and free market dabblers shat on their already sparse sense of ethics and sacrificed disabled and terminally people on the alter of the gods of wealth protection and theft, people in wheel chairs were kicked out of their homes because they had a spare boxroom, single Mums with kids were sanctioned and left without money to feed their families for months at a time, and hundreds of thousands of people joined the queues of the Food banks many of whom were working and not earning enough to feed their families.

Pumping out the bullshit

Mopping up this bloodbath before the public got home from their twelve hour shift and switched on their TV was easy, create the myth of a national deficit and blame foreigners and the unemployed for the countries woes through every media source possible, and keep repeating it until people start to believe it the oldest trick in a dirty book and the electorate went for it hook line and sinker. And of course being a politically illiterate country we ended up voting in these same people again who are actively plunging a large section of the population into poverty whilst they gorge on the remnants of our collective assets that we have developed through out taxation, everything is for Sale us included!.

So what do you do, how do you deal with a situation where a Government is bringing its political ideology into your living room and telling you that you will do things their way or no way?  As the founder of Permaculture Bill Mollison once said, most of the worlds problems are complex where as their solutions are very simple.

So our present predicament is a political system where three of its main parties to some extent or other have their noses firmly pushed up the arses of the banks and corporations, this situation is particularly dire when we start to think about different areas of our lives that are controlled in some way by these forces, such as employment, and the amount of time we have to work to provide for our basic resources,  how food is grown, transported, manipulated, polluted,  and ultimately controlled by the very same banks and corporations.ajubel-treadmill The simple fact of the matter is that if somebody other than ourselves is in control of our food supply then many will simply not get to eat, and of course it goes without saying that control of our food supply ultimately means control of us too. There are two solutions to this shitty scenario that we find ourselves in, will built a new political consensus, which will no doubt take years or may never happen to the extent of how it is truly needed, and the snails pace process of political change in times of urgent action means that we need something most simple and direct in terms of a  solution, we need to grow our own food in our gardens or yards, get our Neighbours into it, our relatives and friends, take over pieces of unused close to where we live and grow food on it.

Growing local communities and economies

An evolved and developed community food supply offers us resilience against the unstable and unfair dominant economic model that currently controls our food supply, whilst providing local food security and generating micro enterprise and employment further down the line. As we grow things and make things together, communities start to form and develop, alliances are made and slowly we start to create the local economies that we need, should we continue to rely on global markets, bankers and their political protectors and lapdogs then we can expect to work longer and harder to pay for their mistakes and privileges, it really is that easy and that straight forward in terms of solutions to problems, our problem now is convincing people that this is the right way to go, but with a little help from our elected leaders as they grind people into the dirt many people are taking up the potting trowel and having a go.


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2 Responses to Hungers Games

  1. Helen says:

    If only more people could see what you have just explained…

    • boltonurbangrowers12 says:

      yes totally agree Helen, a very frustrating situation when we are confronted with bare face lies

      regards Steve

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