Breightmet Community food Hub 23rd June

It was all go this morning, loading up plants and trays of seedlings into the boot of the car, before leaving Great Lever for Breightmet. I arrived at the Hub shortly after eight oclock and dropped off various plants, trays and other bits of gardening kit before walking up the hill to the UCAN centre to pick up my wheel barrow and tools. As this site is totally offgrid accessing water is very labour intensive at the moment until we manage to get hold of our thousand litre containers in a few weeks time, so for now I am using whatever bottles I find in the recycling bin at the UCAN centre and bottles I pick up on the road in between the Hub and UCAN. After stocking up with water I set about the raised beds with some vigour, despite the heat there was a cool breeze blowing through the site which enabled me work at a quicker and smoother pace. By the end of the day all but one of the raised beds was full of soil, seeds and plants, and as I have previously mentioned Lion poo pellets to deter the many cats that live in Breightmet from crapping in the raised beds.

All in all a good day today, plenty of fruit and veg on the go now and more on the way next week. Our resident carpenter Landrover Dave will be working on the Hub site tommorrow churning out raised beds from the scavenged timber we managed to hold of earlier in the year.




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