Willow Hey project: Tackling food poverty with Food

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.


The fact that many hundreds of thousands of people are going hungry in the UK in 2015 is appalling and disgusting by any way which we care to mention or measure, despite this dire situation the solution is very simple if you have a garden or yard, and that solution is that people grow their own food, its not rocket science, most fruit and vegetable crops are fairly straight forward in terms of how to nurture and grow them. And the economics of home food growing is this, one packet of tomato seeds that contains around a hundred seeds can be purchased for around a pound nowadays, imagine how many tomatoes you could grow for a pound with a hundred plants.

So with all of the above in mind, back to our work today at the Willow Hey project, we have had a small group of women from the local cawder estate whom we are helping to grow food in their gardens mucking in and helping out on the project, we also had the refugee lads tending to a large raised bed and sowing seeds, not to mention a visit from the Princes trust team who are looking at the idea of helping us out with some of our low impact infrastructure work on the site. Much of own work on the site today was centred around building a large outdoor hybrid rocket stove which will have a burner on one side for boiling and cooking, and a rocket stove powered pizza oven on the other side of the stove, up to now all of the bits for the stove have either been found or scrounged.

Just before I leave you and chill out with a pint of home brewed Ale in the garden i would just like to say again, if you are struggling to get by please try and grow some of your own food, pound shops and garden centres are virtually giving away their plants by drastically reducing the price of them, get growing good people!

Our Hugel potato beds thriving in the distance.

Our Hugel potato beds thriving in the distance.







The body of the outdoor hybrid rocket stove slowly taking shape.

The body of the outdoor hybrid rocket stove slowly taking shape.

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