Willow Hey project 4th June

What a great start to the day, not a cloud in site and actually warm for a change! By the time we arrived at the Willow Hey site the place was unrecognizable due to the sheer force and growth of the flora on this semi-wild site. There was much varied and diverse work going on today on the Willow Hey site, all of the fire weed that has sprung from the ground and almost covered our soft fruit area was uprooted and left for compost, every raised bed and growing area on the site were given a thorough watering due to the coming heatwave that has been predicted.

And the people came

At around lunchtime the two groups we are working with turned up on site, one group from the local Cawder housing estate continued making their vertical growers from tins that they have drilled and painted.

Outreach work

we also visited our new growers on the Cawder Estate and dropped a few greenhouses off at peoples houses ready for them to begin growing their own food in their gardens and yards at home. Up to now we have four families on the estate and more expected who will be helping and supporting on their new gardening adventure. The estate itself has seen its fair share of trouble and problems in the past due to drug dealers moving in on the estate and all of the associated problems that this brings, but local community members are making the best of it and having a go at making the area a nicer place to live in.

After our visit to the Cawder estate we met up with local refugee charity who had bought two men along who were interested in growing their own food on site and learning new skills, the men, both from Iraq cleared and planted a raised bed within an hour of arriving and left with smiles on their faces as they admired their work.

After both group left the site I began laying bricks for our double burner rocket stove that will be used to prepare food on site, and also used for cookery classes which we will be running later in the summer. The stove itself is based on one I designed and built at home.








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  1. I love what you guys are doing up there πŸ™‚ inspiration x

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