Breightmet Community Food Hub 3rd of June

A few sad things to report this morning, on arrival at the site just after 8am we found a dead cat at the rear of the site, it looked like the cat had been possibly hit by a vehicle then had ran onto our site to seek refuge. The cat had no collar and we spoke to people close to the site and nobody had reported a cat missing so we decided that the best thing to do was bury the cat at the rear of the site. The next sad thing that had occurred was that some kids had managed to get onto the site and wrecked some of the raised beds and generally messed the site up over the weekend. After the initial annoyance of seeing the damage I spent an hour tidying the site, putting the raised beds back in place and covering them. For the rest of the day we put raised beds together and stacked around a ton of timber against the steel shipping containers to help dry it out ready for our work on the site next week. Our last job before the site we to bolt a piece of sturdy timber to the main gate where the kids who had wrecked the site had managed to get in. It is doubtful that the kids will get onto the site now, we will have to wait and see if they manage to find another way in, if I ever met these kids I would invite them to take part in the project and have a go at growing some of their own food.









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