Willow Hey Project 28th May

Today is our first official day of opening up the site to members of the local community, People from the Cawder estate turned up at the site shortly after lunch time and got busy making their vertical growers from recycled tins and cans, when the growers are finished they will be hung against the side of one of our big wooden greenhouses where they will catch some of the rainwater from the overhang of the corrugated roof.

We were also visited by a local charity who support Asylum seekers and refugees, this group are going to begin work in the raised beds next Thursday and are lucky to have a man who was a farmer in his native country, and a person who is also a qualified chef who is able to cook most Mediterranean dishes.

Our work on site today has been to continue tidying the site, watering seedlings, sowing seeds and potting on the seedlings have grown too big for the pots we started them off in. Once again we have had to cover our newly seedled trays and pots to stop squirrels onsite from burrowing into the pots and eating the seeds. We also trained our huge grape vine that lives in one of the greenhouses, the runners from this vine are now running the length of the ceiling of the greenhouse, and have young grapes coming through already. So all in all, not a bad days work for our very first day that we have been open to the public.









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2 Responses to Willow Hey Project 28th May

  1. Tracy Moran says:

    Steve Jones please can u contact me about seeing my yard size to have a raised bed built u may need to arrange a time to visit me next Thursday my number is 07847580673 or tracymoran77@gmail.com… Thank you and also had a great day today painting the rest of are tin cans!!

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