Get growing Breightmet 27th May

I arrived at Breightmet UCAN  centre shortly after eight o’clock this morning, the skies were grey but not too many clouds lurked so all was good for the day ahead. First call of the day was at Martins house where I dropped off some seed and potting compost, Martin was out in the garden already by the time I arrived, tending to and tidying his garden. After Martins it was seed sowing and watering the micro greenhouses back up at the UCAN centre.

I decided today that since it is the school holidays that I would try and work with some of the kids of our growers, they enjoyed the seed bomb workshop that we held a few weeks ago outside the UCAN centre, so now it was time to see if they were keen on sowing seeds and planting. Sure enough the kids took to gardening like a duck to water, they sowed calendula seeds and planted climbing french beans in their raised bed.

After sowing seeds before moving onto the next growers house I asked the children if they had enjoyed gardening and did they want to do some more next Wednesday, the three of them answered yes with smiles on their faces. one of the children Gaynor Ann has become head gardener and has taken over responsibility for watering all of the plants and looking after the garden, I think we might well have some of the budding gardeners of the future here.

After gardening with the kids it back to the UCAN to pick up some plants and compost to drop them off at another growers house who was just about to leave for work. The remaining hour of the day was spent walking up and down New Lane and Padbury Road with a pen and paper writing down the remaining gardening and growing resources that I needed to buy in for the project.









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