Breightmet Community food Hub 26th May

Today we continued our work on the Breightmet community food growing Hub, much of today’s work centred around locating the raised beds, preparing the ground underneath them, then filling them full of organic compost ready to take seeds and plants. The only bugbear with this work is that we have to cover all of the raised beds with old pieces of waneylat fencing in order to stop the many cats that live on the estate from crapping in them. The beds will remain covered until we plant on our seedlings, and we will also buy a box of Lion manure which successfully keeps our cats off our beds at home.

At Lunch time myself and Breightmet Neighbourhood Manager Tony Cottam simultaneously had a fruitful and productive catch up meeting whilst clearing the ground at the front of the hub and sowing a variety of wild flower seeds, and planted on some flowering perennials from Tony’s allotment. Just after lunch time I had similar short but highly productive meeting with Vanessa and Charlotte from the UCAN centre.

After all of the raised on the site were filled and covered with boards, I planted on 6 black current cuttings into the ends of the lager beds. After locking the site up it was back up to the UCAN centre to sow some seeds and water the Yarden and micro greenhouses.








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