Growing clinic@Red Lane community allotments 23rd May

Alan’s newly painted raised bed.

I arrived at the site this morning earlier than expected and casually walked round all of the raised beds pulling up Horse tail before it throws its spores out in a week or so’s time. Alan Chadwick was first to arrive on site, Alan spends a lot of time on the site tending to his raised beds, he has just recently finished paining one of his beds and it looks really smart.

The first job of the job onsite involved walking up to Alan’s house and picking up a bath that he recently found and repaired, the bath itself will be used onsite to collect water as the site is off grid where power and utilities are concerned.

Alan proudly showing off the Bath he found and repaired.

Alan proudly showing off the Bath he found and repaired.

Next up was the task of weeding and clearing a smaller raised bed close to the gate of the site, once again the Community spirit of Breightmet folk is clearly seen here, the bed in question belongs to another grower who has been unable to clear it himself. Another plot Holder Mark also did a similar thing recently where he cleared the raised bed of someone who is is suffering the pain of bereavement and had been unable to attend the site.









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