Get growing Breightmet: 22nd May

Today in Breightmet the day was split up into lots of small jobs, first call was down to Martins to check that everything was going ok with his raised beds and seed sowing, then back up onto new Lane where I carried the final raised bed behind the UCAN centre down to Jamies house, opposite Thicketford Brow.

I then spent some time walking round to different growers houses armed with a carrier bag full of seeds, a potting trowel and a bag of bamboo support canes, various climbing beans were sown, radish and salad leaves into their raised beds. The next job of the day was the digging in of four blackcurrent plants into one of our growers front gardens, as mentioned in earlier posts the importance of growing perennial foodstuffs is high in terms of ability to feed people over time, perennial crops come year after year with little in the way of effort needed to grow the plants once properly established, and in times of economic uncertainty perennial plants keep on delivering .

Predictably like much of the last week so whilst I have been working it started raining so to avoid getting soaked and to be able to work at the same time I returned to the shed at the UCAN centre and sowed seeds into trays and pots from the dryness of the shed.

Later on in the afternoon I bumped into some of the growers who I gave potted strawberries and blackcurrent plants to put in their gardens. The growers once again showed their community spirit after leaving the UCAN centre, when they made their way up the house of a friend who had just moved in to help her decorate her house.















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