Get growing Breightmet: We dont half get a lot of weather in these parts!

I know I bang on about the weather a lot and I do promise to hopefully tone it down over the coming weeks, but this morning really takes the biscuit, I managed to get soaked to the bone on two occasions, and all before half ten! But luckily the rain didn’t last, and the sun finally decided to make an appearance, but you cant have it all, the Sun was accompanied by an irritating edition of howling aggressive winds that almost blew the greenhouses over in the Yarden, And so onto our work today, 99% of the growers raised beds are now full of compost, so with this in mind I took the opportunity to plant on the trays of broad beans that had been growing in the Yarden of the UCAN centre where the project is based.

Full of Beans

First stop was Martins house where we planted a row of the beans in one of his raised beds.We also planted spinach at Martins and sorted some wood for another raised which we are going to build next week.



After Martins it was a brief walk up the Hill back to the UCAN centre to grab a quick cup of tea and a fag before getting out back on the streets gardening. The remainder of the Broad beans were plant.ed on into some of our growers raised beds, along with the last few sprouting onion sets.


My work for the remainder of the day centred around fighting against the wind whilst ferrying large wet and weighty potato grow bags, and plant pots containing various fruit bushes, herbs, and strawberries round the estate in a wheelbarrow to the various houses of our growers. My final call of the day was at Dave’s house where I dropped off a large pot with herbs and a potato grow bag, Dave originally hails from Somerset and knows his stuff round the garden due to his time spent working on farms and undertaking horticulture NVQ qualifications, the picture below is of Dave’s thriving herbs which soak up the South facing sun all day long. Quite a cumbersome days work all in all, but struggled through the weather and managed to get a fair bit done.











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