Urban chicken keeping project 2015


Chris wood and Landrover Dave getting to grips with the large chicken house.

It has been a while since I last wrote about our chicken project, and we have now almost completed the construction of a large chicken house complete with fox proof panels, this house will provide eggs for a number of families in the area who are struggling to make ends meet because of austerity measures imposed on them. We estimate that we will be able to supply around 6-8 families with half a dozen eggs a week, providing much needed fresh protein to families who will be surviving on dried, instant and tinned foods.


After wrestling with the flat pack in below freezing temperatures, Chris and Dave admire the finished effort of their labour.

Aside from this community chicken house, the next phase of the project will be giving local residents a chicken keeping starter pack, complete with house, enclosure, chickens, water and feed bowls and a book, supported by ongoing tuition on how to keep chickens for eggs. This is all part and parcel of our attempt to try and create self reliant communities in times of economic stagnation and uncertainty.

finished brickwork ready for fox proof panels

finished brickwork ready for fox proof panels


Fox proof panels expertly made, fixed and fitted by our site craftsman Landrover Dave.



And we can only hope that in these times of uncertainty that more of the local community will keep chickens and grow some of their own food, we believe that necessity will bring about this situation, and as ever, we will be on call to offer help to those who to become producers rather than consumers.










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