Get growing Breightmet: Rain rain go away!

Looks can be deceiving, particularly when its 7am and you have only been awake five minutes . To all intent and purposes as I looked skyward in this ‘almost awake’ state, the sky was showing clouds, blue sky and a glint of sunshine, this gave me some cause for optimism that it was going to be a nice sunny day but this was not to be, it has rained almost seamlessly all day long. As I sat in the shed of the UCAN centre with the rain pounding down on the roof, the realist in me said ‘pack your rucksack and jump on the bus into town and go home’ But I was here, I had resources and work to do so I stayed and got stuck in.

Due to the relentless rain my work today has centred around working in the Yarden of the UCAN centre and in the shed, this work has consisted of putting up two greenhouses, sowing seeds and filling the greenhouses, finishing off the rest of the potato sacks and making up large pots laced with a variety of herb seeds.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In the late afternoon a delegation of social housing providers from Germany and Holland came to the UCAN centre which gave me chance to talk about the work we are doing with local residents through Bolton at Home and why there is a need to do this work. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo despite the rain not a bad days work really, there will certainly be a lot of prepared pots for our growers next week when we  visit Breightmet.


















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